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novelist, researcher, photographer

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Release date: April 16, 2016

Cover design: Debbie Geltner

Editor: Elise Moser

Linda Leith Publishing


"Vividly immersive... Evocative and compelling... A touching and satisfying tale of family, friendship and first love." -Christopher diRaddo, CBC Radio content editor for "Canada Writes"

"A tender coming-of-age story and a sympathetic portrait of mental illness that reminds us how life's disorder can open on to unexpected joy." -Christine Fischer Guy, author of The Umbrella Maker

"A compelling story that can capture the imaginations of both adult and young adult readers." -Deanna Radford, Montreal Review of Books

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"The crows serve an almost cinematic function and they help to enable seamless transformations--from long-establishing shots to close-ups; from whimsy to horror; from order to chaos, from being to becoming, from rejection to acceptance, from reality to metaphor and back again....At a certain point I realized I just couldn't put it down." -Terre Nash, film documentary editor, NFB

"Fascinating first novel." -Richard Mahoney, publisher, Glengarry News