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novelist, researcher, photographer


"Knowing where I came from, changed my life." T.E., Hudson, Quebec, 2017

"I found out that one of my 10th great-grandfathers was a medical doctor in London in the early 1600s... one of the first to attend university." Dr. S. M., l'Orignal, Ontario, 2018

"I have royal blood! I have royal blood! No wonder I've been so interested in reading about the British Royal family, all these years!" D.D., Ste.-Anne-de-Prescott, Ontario, 2015

"Thanks so much, so many good details, it’s really interesting!" C.D., Ottawa, Ontario, 2020

"I was blown away, and proud to find out that one of my 6th great-grandfathers was James Watt, the inventor of the steam engine!" J.-D. P., Ottawa, Ontario, 2017

"My direct ancestor came to Hamilton, Ontraio via Harriet Tubman's Underground Railroad. Imagine what they went through." G.S., l'Orignal, Ontario, 2020

"Fantastic! I’m amazed you found my father’s brother. As I said, the family never heard from him again after he went to Australia." E.S., Grafton, Nova Scotia, 2021

Your Family's Roots

Have you always wanted to know from whence your people came? Ever wonder what your great-great-great grandparents did for a living, where they lived, what they looked like? I can help! Whether you are looking for the big picture of your family's genealogy, or specific information about a particular ancestor, I am able to find records, images, documents, stories, and more. I use my access to many historical databases and other sources to build your family tree; I make the people become more than just names and dates scribbled down somewhere. 

 Join dozens of others whose fascinating family histories I have unearthed. If you are interested in hiring me, contact me at [email protected] and I will be happy to answer any questions.